Tuesday 3 February 2009

4Y1M 2Y4M 節分 Setsubun





Arata made a mask for Japanese Setsubun today at kindergarten. He brought it back some pees to throw.

Jason is on business now and since he left, Arata has been saying, "With another 5 sleeps, Daddy is coming back,' then, ".... another 4 days...' and '... another 3 days...' every day. Interestingly he can minus one from the numbers!

Takara's kindergarten has been off till today due to Chinese New Year. It's been nearly 10 days and it's been tough! In the first week, of course, Jason was with us, but still 10 days 24 hours a day with Takara is hard. I'm sorry but I feel relieved that he will be back to kindergarten tomorrow.

I tried to enjoy time with him but it's soooo difficult. He is not easily lead compared to Arata at the same age. Even when I threaten him saying, 'if you are not a good boy, we will go home' it won't work!

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