Sunday 31 May 2009

4Y5M 2Y7M ペナンで洗髪 Hair wash in Penang



そして極めつけはヘアサロンでの洗髪。シンガ同様マレーシアも美容院での洗髪は体を倒さず椅子に座った状態でするのだが、泡をたっぷり立てて洗髪をしながらの頭皮マッサージは気持ちいい。30分以上じっくりと、肩や首、背中、そして腕から手までのマッサージもしてくれて、その後は勿論ブロードライで綺麗に髪をセットしてくれる。これでたったの17MR(3GBP, JPY500)!

行ったのは「サンビーン」 (Sunbean 9A Jones Road 10250 Tel: 227-4059 Mon to Sat 11.00-20.00 Sun 11.00-18.30 )。ここはカットより洗髪に来るお客さんが多い様で、「洗髪してくれる~?」とお客さんが入ってきては繁盛している様子だった。長髪のかわのは2人がかりでのブローとなったが、かわのによればブローの技術は合格。(写真は洗髪している様子。)


While Kawano was here for a week, we concentrated on having good food and relaxing. We didn't do much sightseeing.

To get totally relaxed, we went to manicure and pedicure including nail arts, foot massage, eye brow threading, staying at the pool side of Park Royal hotel using their day membership scheme....

Above all, we really liked hair wash at a hairdresser called Sunbean. As common as in Singapore, in Malaysia, they wash hair while we are sitting up in a chair. This is absolutely relaxing as they also give us head massage. At Sunbean, they spend over half an hour on washing hair including massaging head, neck, shoulders, back and hands! Of course, at the end, they do blow dry and it's only 17MR(3GBP, JPY500)!

Sunbean (9A Jones Road 10250 Tel: 227-4059 Mon to Sat 11.00-20.00 Sun 11.00-18.30) seems to be well know about hair wash among customers. We didn't see anybody having hair cut while we were there, but there were a few other people who were having hair washed.

Anyway. All these services are extremely cheap. Kawano didn't try but in Penang we also have facial, body massages and fish spas.... One week will probably not enough to experience all!


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