Sunday 2 August 2009

4Y7M 2Y10M 引越し荷物到着 Boxes arrived






Our boxes from the U.K. have finally arrived after 10 months.

We sent 19 boxes. That's all we have. But I still thought they may have been taken by Somali pirates because we were never able to find out where they were. In May the truth emerged. They were still in a storage in the U.K.!

The moving company contacted us at last saying, "We can not despatch the boxes without your acceptance of the difference between the quotation and actual costs. We have tried to contact you but no success. Please send us GBP 1000 for the half a year storage charge."

It's so untrue. They were the ones we couldn't get hold of. Of course, we managed to avoid falling prey to them.

Anyway, we thought we threw lots of things away before moving. However as we could manage to live in Penang without these stuff in the past 10 months, I have to admit that most of the boxes are not that important, except for the photos of Aratakara.

In one of the boxes, I found the baby tummy warmer my friend Ueda gave Takara. Aratakara tried it on. Who suits this better?

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