Monday 22 February 2010

5Y1M 3Y4M 福建チャイニーズニューイヤー Hokkien Chinese New Year





We've seen so many lion dances this year and we are still quite in CNY mood. To our surprise, we had loads of fireworks again on Sunday night, at the midnight of Monday.

From our 33rd floor flat, we can see the most of George town and we saw fireworks all over the places. On the coast line of Butterworth, fireworks were lining up without any gaps! We were quite shocked to learn that our next door neighbours were setting off fireworks from their balcony! We wondered what was happening.

On the 9th day of Chinese New Year is the Hokkien New Year. No wonder so many fireworks in Penang, as most of the Chinese here are Hokkien.

Long time ago, Hokkiens were losing their battle against Han (or Cantonese) and they were in danger of being wiped out. Few survivors were hiding in a sugarcane field. When their enemies gave up and gone, they came out. It was on the 9th day of CNY. That's the reason Hokkien Chinese celebrate on the 9th day of CNY with sugarcane, and giving prayers to the Jade emperor as the 9th day is the birthday of Jade Emperor.


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