Wednesday 21 July 2010

5Y6M 3Y9M 15年ぶりのKL 15 years on








As Jason's mum went back to NZ from Kuala Lumpur, we all went to spend 4 days over there. It's been 15 or 16 years since I was in KL last time.

When I was working in Singapore, I went to KL from time to time, and to be honest, I can't recall exactly when I went there last time. Whenever it was, there were no monorails, no underground or no twin towers, and the toilets were not really clean.

I felt KL has at last caught up with Singapore of 15 years ago. As Singapore has evolved too far beyond my imagination, KL gives me rather nostalgic feeling of old Singapore. On top of that, I realised the existence of a 'town' is very basic for me, where I can walk around and get into a cafe or shop wherever I want. Unfortunately, there are no such areas in Penang.

It was also obvious that Penang is still much behind. Compared to Penang, there are significantly less motorbikes in KL, I assume more people own cars, and hardly any old boneshaker Protons, which we see a lot every day in Penang. (Well, Jason's mum thinks it's because we were in the centre of KL and most of the people working there are successful high-flyers in the financial industry.) I must point this out as well - in KL, you don't see many Kembara, my car!

Well, though, I will probably get bored sooner if we happened to move to KL, because KL is still relatively a small city after all.....

I had a happy reunion with Connie, Ong's mother, and Mr Law, his uncle. On our way back from Bristol in 1992, Nayumi and I stayed with Ong's family for about 10 days. They are still the same, they try to buy meals and drinks for us, and they keep offering us to take us around on the following day, too. It was really nice to see them again as Ong's family was the starting point of Chinese hospitality for me.

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