Sunday 22 August 2010

5Y7M 3Y9M 最近の甲子園 High school baseball tournament







I watched the high school baseball tournament this summer. As I didn't watch it for such a long time, I realised lots of things have changes.

First of all, the special buffer zone behind the outfield, which was for high school players to make the baseball field slightly small, is no longer existing. And the players don't show much nervousness even when they are losing. No wonder, they are very good at batting and anything can really happen until the very end of the game.

Among all, the thing which has made me feel a bit strange is the fact the players cry openly and emotionally when they lose the game. It's not only a few of them, but nearly all of them.

When I was a big fan of high school baseball more than 20 years ago, we didn't see many players crying. Only a few who couldn't control their emotions was "sobbing."

Does this mean boys/men in Japan have been liberated from the old value of "men shouldn't cry in public"? I have been away from Japan long enough, 20 years...

If I say, "My partner started to cry when we were arguing last night..." in this modern Japan, nobody would get surprised any more? Good!

(I think Western men cry more than Japanese men, who have been brought up with our traditional values "men shouldn't show much emotion.")

Aratakara are in front of the piano of my mum in this photo. A day later, she sold it to a second-hand piano dealer.


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Anonymous said...

this is interesting!! Overall i think Japanese are less emotional, at least i seldom see people go extreme furious, excitement neither shed happy/sad tears. I always think Japanese keep their emotion really well. My majime husband too, BUT i was surprised when he cried over the popular korean drama Fuyusona. I thought he was so cute *)

Carina - who shows lesser emotion as she grow older and the longer she in Japan *))

Laksa said...

Carina, thank you for your mail.

It's so cute! I mean your husband. He must be a romantic person!!! I cried a lot when I was watching Fuyusona!!

Yes, you are right. Japanese tend not to show our emotions much, especially men. But as I wrote, Japanese men are more free to show emotions now, even compared to only 20 years ago!