Sunday 5 September 2010

5Y8M 3Y 11M バンコク Bangkok again







We came back to Penang on Wednesday nearly midnight.

On our way back, we spent 2 days in Bangkok. Jason joined us as well. Aratakara felt they knew Bangkok better than Daddy. They showed him the food court and toy section of Siam Paragon. We decided to go up the river. Our initial plan was to pop off at one of the temples or the palace, but boat ride was more than enough for boys, and we didn't do any sightseeing. Doesn't matter for me, since it was hot! We also visited the Bangkok zoo.

With small children, wherever we go, we always look for a park, playground and zoo. How many more years will it be like this?

We stayed at Le Méridien in Silom, just behind the Pappon street. It has a designer's hotel taste, stylish and clean. (It was only a bit more than 10,000 JPY per night. The photo of the city was shot from our hotel room.) In Bangkok, TukTuk, bus, taxi are cheaper than those in Penang. But food is not as much. Even the food stalls on road side seem to be slightly more expensive than the ones in Penang. Of course, it was as tasty as in Penang!

4 of us went to a foot massage. After being taken this photo, Takara just fell asleep....


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