Friday 12 November 2010

5Y10M 4Y1M 卒園式 Graduation







Arata's graduation at Taska Nania. There are 5 graduating children out of 22.

Since Arata witnessed last year's graduation, he's wanted to graduate from Nania. I wanted to fulfil Arata's desire because I myself had a very sad experience, I couldn't attend the kindergarten graduation when I was a child, as I was hospitalised... So we decided to let him miss the term 1 of year 1 at SCIPS to graduate from Nania.

We’ve been always in dilemma when to transfer him to St Christopher’s. The children of his age there started to learn writing and reading long ago. There have been a couple of timings we may have transferred Arata to SCIPS, particularly this September, when the Year 1 started.

However after attending the graduation today, we felt our decision wasn't bad. I can see for sure that Arata has spent very good time at Nania. He has been getting more responsible and mature as one of the big children in his class, he has become more confident in Nania's creative and stress-free environment. And he is now so ready to go to the next step of his life, we can all see it. Of course, we have to mention this, he's made lots of Malaysian friends.

When the graduating children did a couple of small performances today, we could watch them comfortably because they were all very confident.

According to the Malaysian school calender, they are ending this school year in a week time, and they start the longest school holiday before the new school year starts in January. That's why they schedule graduation around this time, but Arata can still go to Nania till the end of December.

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