Sunday 21 November 2010

5Y10M 4Y1M 音楽教育 Music Education


The Waseda Brass という事だったので、てっきり学生の合奏団かと思ったら、「早稲田の杜金管合奏団」という早大交響楽団OBのサークル(現在は他校の卒業生も含む)で、ペナンでのコンサートは今年で5年目。





In the U.K., Arata went to a couple of concerts, but all of them were just children's entertainment, such as Cbeebies Lazy Town or Fimbles... Officially, it was his first concert experience today!

It was the concert by The Waseda Brass. I didn't realise until the concert started that it wasn't the band of students but of its OBs. (It was started by Waseda Symphony Orchestra OBs but now they have amateur musicians from any school.) They come to Penang every year and it was their 5th year.

The concert was officially for 5 years old or above. But don't forget we are in Malaysia! There were quite a few under-ages and luckily Arata's a bit of bad manners were not so standing-out. Overall, Arata was doing good, although sometimes he was a bit uncontrollable as his friends Matthew and Esther were also with us.

His comment on the concert was, "The conductor was the most silly one!" For him, the conductor's movements were rather funny.

If this experience inspires him, it'll be good. But even if it doesn't, it was only RM10 (2GBP) for such an unusual experience. Since I started to learn drumming, I've found it so fun. We can't force our children to learn music, and we are not particularly interested in Aratakara's music education. But if one of their family members is doing some music with fun, children will probably think they want to learn it, too.

All relaxing way of our strategies... At the moment Arata is saying "I want to learn guitar when I turn 6 years old."

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