Sunday 5 December 2010

5Y11M 4Y2M ペナンストレイツキー Penang Straits Quay



クリスティーンがオープンしたタパスレストランAguaは既に評判がよい。また、ペナンで一番と言われていたヒルサイドのフィッシュアンドチップスBlue Reef も出店していた。


We went to the newest shopping mall, Penang Straits Quay. It's located in the end of the new development in Tanjung Tokong. As it's facing the sea, the atmosphere is soooo good.

It is still far from properly established as there are only a dozen or more shops being open. But I couldn't believe I was in Penang. It's different. There are cafes and restaurants on the ground floor facing to the marina. It's a bit like a part of an European town.

The tapas restaurant, Christine opened, has already got a reputation. The famous Blue Reef fish and chips shop, which used to be in Hillside, has been apparently moved here. And this is the Irish pub, Finnegan's Irish pub, Judy is talking about. She's already been there and she thinks it's very Irish. We must go there on St Patrick's day next year for sure!

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