Saturday 4 December 2010

5Y11M 4Y2M ペナンジャズフェスティバル Penang Jazz Festival




We went to Penang Jazz Festival for the first time. It was fantastic. We sat on the lawn, drinking, eating, probably lying, and listening to the music. So relaxing.

Yes, it's the same concept as my favourite picnic concerts in England. Wow! I didn't know we have such a similar event here in Penang! Only the difference is Malaysian were more or less all just sitting. Those who were standing and dancing were mainly foreigners like me.

I went to the outside concert in the evening on Sat with Jason, but on Sunday, we went to the day time programmes with Aratakara. My drum instructor, Siva, was performing in one of the short programme. Jazz drumming is said to be one of the most difficult drumming, but of course, he was playing very well and it was so impressive. I have to practice more, I though.

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