Sunday 19 December 2010

5Y11M 4Y2M クリスマスのショー Toy Toy Amazon Adventure


ガーニープラザで10日から今日までやっていたショー、『Toy Toy Amazon Adventure。』たまたま初日にちらっと観たら、私も面白いと思った。



Aratakara has become a big fan of the show, "Toy Toy Amazon Adventure" at Gurney Plaza. It was till today from 10th December. On the first day, we happened to be there to watch a bit of it. And since then, boys have been so fascinated. Even I found it very fun.

It's so entertaining. There is magic, acrobatic shows, songs... and the performance is so professional, you wouldn't find such a show in Malaysia.

It was about a 40 minutes long show. And they repeated it 3 times daily. Whenever we were at Gurney Plaza, Aratakara insisted to go to see "the show." They watched all the 3 shows today. All together they watched more than 6 times in 10 days.

Natalia Belovukovic as Singer
Paul Kohn as Toy Toy
Henna Kaikula as Snake
Skye Gellman as Monkey
Alissa Bruce as Dancing Christmas Bell

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