Saturday 25 December 2010

5Y11M 4Y2M クリスマス Christmas





We went to Christmas Family concert at E&O hotel in the evening of 23rd. It was Takara's first concert. He was sitting quietly at first but more than the half he was walking around. Luckily we were upstairs and not many people around, and yes, we are in Malaysia. Lots of children like him!

Monkia's father, Moto, has been here from England. Yesterday, on Christmas eve, Moto and I went to Judith's for Christmas brunch. Since there were so many European, we felt so Christmasy.

Today, on Christmas day. Boys got up really very early as usual and opened the presents from each other, us, their grandparents and uncles.

Last night, Takara asked us to put a plate of biscuits for Santa, and some milk for the reindeer by the window. We did and I even unlocked the grill for them. In the morning, they were quite pleased to see all the biscuits and milk had gone. Takara also put his drawings in his Christmas stocking for Santa as his present. It was also gone! Well, to be honest, Arata looked a bit suspicious again this year.

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