Tuesday 8 February 2011

6Y1M13D 4Y4M トゥースフェアリー Tooth fairy








Atata's first milk tooth came off. He came home from school proudly saying, "A tooth has fallen out!" One of his teeth had been wobbly for a while. But I thought it will be a bit later and his shocking mother kept asking questions. Where is the tooth? It's in my bag. Did it hurt? Not really. Did you cry? A bit. Did you bleed? Yes, a lot.....

"When did it happen?" Interestingly, to this particular question, he couldn't really answer and we still haven't got a clue. At first he said it was while he was drinking water. 3 hours later, he changed his account by saying one of his friends just pulled it. Later he said it happened when he was munching a biscuit at the snack time in the morning.

He'd heard about the tooth fairy at school, and he then gave me lots of questions. How is the fairy like? How does she know my tooth fell out? How big is she? What's the colour? How does she get into our flat? I honestly don't know much as we don't have this tradition in Japan. I told him mummy doesn't know about it, but let's try and see. He decided to put the tooth under his pillow.

When Jason came home late, I told him what'd happened. He went to put a 50 cent coin under Arata's pillow. Surprisingly Arata woke up and told him about his fallen tooth! Arata is usually fast asleep at night but he must have been very anxious today.

The tooth fell out today is the first one which came out when he was 5 months old. Interesting.


yumiko said...

アラタ君、また一つ大人になったね!Tooth fairy の話かわいいですね。歯の生え変わりの不思議を親子で楽しむ素敵な習慣! 抜ける順番は 犬歯と第一臼歯以外は同じらしいですよ~。うちの子はたいてい「糸で抜いて~」とリクエストしてきます。自然に抜けるのを待てないせっかちタイプ?!

Laksa said...