Wednesday 16 February 2011

6Y1M13D 4Y4M 半ドン Half day





Arata has been going to school for a month. He's had some moments saying he didn't want to go as 'nobody wants to play with me' or with other small excuses. But he likes his school now. For me, the last one month has been so hectic. As SCIPS has only half a day on Wednesdays, my free time is now less than before Arata started school.

However, at the same time, I am looking forward to Wednesday afternoon. Looking back, Arata and I used to go to cafe while Takara was sleeping in the buggy. Arata was so good at concentrating on doing workbooks and I would have a coffee peacefully. Now, Arata is also happy to be with me for a couple of hours without his little brother.

Usually Takara draws everybody's attention. So it's also a rare occasion for Arata to be in the centre of others' attention when I take him to lunch with my friends on Wednesday.

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