Thursday 17 February 2011

6Y1M 4Y4M 好きな女の子 Takara's favourite girl





Some time ago, Takara started to mention Haruka, who is one of the big children in his class. He hasn't changed his mind since and he often reports to me happily such as, "I sat next to Haruka at lunch" or "I played with Haruka today."

She is graduating in March with other big children. At the moment, children are preparing for the graduation. And at home, Takara is often singing some of the graduation songs or rehearsing a couple of lines of small children's part.

Just now, he was chanting, "We like Haruka, we like everybody, we don't like boys." I'm sure only the middle line is the proper one, and he must have made up the other 2!

Takara is doing Lion Dance!

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