Sunday 1 May 2011

6Y4M 4Y6M ペナンのカフェ Cafe in Penang


今日はリンが薦めてくれたライトハウス(Lighthouse Coffee)へ。ロンドンのモンマスコーヒーを彷彿させる雰囲気で、日本人的にはここのコーヒーの方が美味しいかなあと思った。再開発されたリトルインディア近く、Logan Heritage内にある。

Strong coffee lover Jason loves siTigun at Nagore place. They roast Arabica on the site, and we buy beans from them.

We went to Lighthouse Coffee at Logan Heritage, the newly renovated heritage building turned into a shopping mall near Little India, where Lynn recommended us to go. The cafe reminds me of Monmouth coffee in London. Probably Japanese prefer coffee here, not too strong but not too weak.

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Anonymous said...

I went there few days ago after seeing yr blog, wow I love their coffee. I buy 3 bags of beans and they are fresh and make good cappuccino on my machine.