Sunday 5 June 2011

6Y5M 4Y8M ペナン2泊3日 Penang 2 nights 3 days


厳選されたチョイスは・・・ナゴレ通りのニョニャ、タンジェティー上にあるタイ、ハップキーのチキンライス、金門のスチームボート、ソングリバーの肉骨茶、Joo Hooi Cafeのチャンドル&アッサムラクサ、香港ホーカーの点心。合間、ガーニーホテルのコーヒービーン、ローガンヘリテイジのライトハウスコーヒーにも寄り、私の日常をほぼ網羅。


写真はコムター近く超人気Joo Hooi Cafeのアッサムラクサとその外に出店している潮州チャンドル。このホーカーはいつ行ってもローカルで満席。

My brother came to Penang only for 2 nights, in working suit, with just a small hand luggage. Not interested in sightseeing, just concentration on food. If he has a week, easier, we can try most of the famous food but he had only 7 meals!

We chose, Nyonya restaurant at Nagore Road, Thai restaurant on Tan jetty, Chicken rice at Hup Kee Hawkers, Steamboat at Golden gate, Bah Kuh Teh at Song River, Chendul and Asam Laksa at Joo Hooi Cafe, Dim Sum at Hong Kong Hawkers. We had a chance to got to Coffee bean at Gurney Hotel and Lighthouse coffee at Logan Heritage. More or less entire my life in Penang!

We never felt 'hungry' in these 3 days as we kept eating. On top of that, my brother managed to go to foot massage at Alpha twice. He must have made the most of it.

The last 2 photos are Laksa at Joo Hooi Cafe and Teochew Chendul outside the place.

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