Tuesday 7 June 2011

6Y5M 4Y8M アラタの学校(その後) Arata's school







Arata has been at St Christopher's for 5 months. He still says he wanted to go to the Japanese school, but over all, he's enjoyed the school.

His school doesn't provide any textbooks to bring home. The only homework is reading a book at home. They bring back one book everyday. Parents need to observe their reading. The books have stickers on in different colours, the red ones are for level1, the yellow ones are for level2.... and there are no same books. It's so different from Japanese system. We have sets of words they must master during the school years. I suppose this school doesn't have such things. For me, it's quite difficult to know how to help Arata. Completely different system from Japan.

Anyway, Arata started the books of level 1, with red stickers. He can now read them very quickly. Jason and I were talking about asking his teacher to upgrade his level, but we had forgotten to write a message to the teacher. Arata brought back a book with a yellow sticker today. He said, "You forgot to write a message to the teacher. I asked her by myself." Apparently he was asked to read out one of the books in front of the teacher, then got the green light.

I admire Arata. I couldn't have done this when I was just 6 years old. I was too shy and not confident. When I told about it to Jason, he also said he was such a child too. He continued, "It's probably from Nania." Yes, I believe Nania was such an ideal environment for him to think and behave freely to build up his confidence.

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