Thursday 21 July 2011

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Arata has been going to ESL class at SCIPS since he joined there in January. Ms Simirt suggested us to hire a tutor to speed up his progress. Thanks for all the efforts, Arata seemed to have been out of the bottom line by the end of the April. We could see that comparing his essay to those of other children. Children are really first-learners.

To our surprise, in his school reports, Arata's teacher commented that he still needed ESL help for the next term. I was quite surprised to see and went to have a talk with his ESL teacher and the head of the infant.

According to them, they feel Arata still needs the ESL help as he doesn't talk much and it's neceasary for year 2 what teachers are saying to understand the studies.

For me, it's just a case that teachers at SCIPS don't pay attentions to children well. Arata DOES understand English, he is just quiet. Or I also suspect that the school needs to have the certain number of children for ESLs as it's part of their extra income. We are charged an extra 500RM, which we hadn't been told till we saw the bill.

Anyway, we've agreed that we would talk about it again in September with Arata's new class teacher. Jason and I believe Arata will get more benefits from staying in the class rather than being taken out and sitting in ESL class.

As I wrote, Arata's been to the Japanese School since last Thursday. At Japanese School, they also have ESL classes, twice a week. They divide the children in 3 small groups based on their level of English. When Arata came home after the first ESL lesson, he announced me that he was in the lowest level class. Again I was so shocked!

Arata said that he didn't answer to the simple questions when his ESL teachers tried to assess his level. Arata writes essays in English and can read books well. I was so puzzled. The children at Japanese School are all excellent in English? Or if you don't speak, you are just labelled you are not good? Or Arata's English is really bad??

If he is treated like that even at Japanese school, it's understandable that they think Arata doesn't understand English at SCIPS. I'm a bit worried about his future if he keeps behaving like this... He needs to learn to express himself in front of other people a little bit more, he would lose lots of chances in his life, otherwise.

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