Saturday 16 July 2011

6Y6M 4Y9M 日本の節電 Power saving in Japan







In Japan, it's been so hot. In Saitama, the temperature keeps hitting 38C during day. On contrary, it's been quite comfortable this time a year in Penang. Hopefully my parents can come to stay for a couple of weeks to avoid the terrible summer.

We've decided not to go back to Japan this year. It'd be only for a month and I shouldn't be so worried but it's better for children to have as little radioactive materials possible. By next summer, decontamination will be proceeded, and it will probably be safe enough to to go back. So we will give it a miss this summer.

My official reason of why not going back is "I won't be able to stand the boiling Japanese summer if we can't use the air-conditioning round the clock because of the lack of energy" but to be honest, I'm more worried about the situation of Fukushima.

Japanese government have asked us to actively follow their power saving plans. Thanks for that, my dad has got a cold. When he sleeps at night, he sets the air-conditioning to 28C and uses a fan at the same time, which is not his usual way to tackle the summer - usually he sets the temperature much lower.

Probably lots of people get confused as my parents. It's only useful to try to save energy during the peek hours, which is at day time. Especially old people don't tend to get the point, like my parents, and get ill. This is not fair. I really hope the government officially announce that old and the sick don't need to follow their plans.

I've learnt recently, in fact, we have enough electric power being produced at the moment. Since power stations are not used up to 100% capacity at any time, the amount of Fukushima has been already covered by activating one of the unused plants. Some people believe the goverment try to make us believe we need nuclear power by making us experience unbearable summer. I agree!

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