Sunday 21 August 2011

6Y7M 4Y10M Summer Holiday - Brunei ブルネイ











The problem that Jason is working in Asia, is he has no long holiday. I personally need 2 weeks, or at least 1 week, to wind down. I'm not particularly interested in the nearby countries, they are more or less the same as here, after all we live in a flat with a sea view!.

Well, that's why we can't go anywhere. But I'd had one place in my mind. It's the 6 (&?) star hotel, the Empire, in Brunei.

Yes, the hotel is grand. Every single corner is designed with marble, gold and silver. Even the cutlery in the hotel room is silverware. Doors to the rooms are so huge and heavy. They maintenance the rooms well, you can't find any signs of the former guests.

It was nice but the problem was, most of the 5 swimming pools, and some facilities, were under renovation. Going to Bander Seri Begawan (BSB) is only half an hour but it costs 30B$, equivalent of 80RM! There are some local buses, which cost only 1 B$ to the city centre, but there are only a couple of buses which stop at the hotel.

Of course, we tried the local bus to go to BSB. But when we were waiting for a bus to return, no buses were coming. One of the other buses decided to take us to the hotel, which was off his route. This kind of flexibility was comfortable. Malay type of hospitality.

Well, while I was running around the bus terminal to find out how to go back to the hotel, because I didn't pay a taxi 30 times more fare, Jason was approached by an unlicensed taxi driver Frances. He offered him to take us to the hotel for half the fare of 15B$, which is the equivalent of 40RM. We used Frances' taxi after that for a couple of occasions.

I wanted to have Sarawak laksa, but because it was difficult to get out of the hotel, we more or less had all the meals at hotel. As it's in the middle of Ramadan, our dinner is their breakfast and most of the buffet dishes are Malay. I didn't mind, but probably it was too much...

Aratakara were happily carrying their new bags with wheels. They packed their snorkels, clothes and a couple of toys. They took the bags everywhere we went.

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