Monday 22 August 2011

6Y7M 4Y10M Summer Holiday - Laban ラブアン



United Nation 08 beachにも指定された南シナ海を臨むビーチで、アラタカラは貝殻拾い、シュノーケリング。期待していた熱帯魚はいなかったが、良しとしよう。





It's only one hour from Brnei to Labuan, a small island, Malaysian territory. According to my search, there are a couple of snorkelling spots and we decided to stay one night.

In fact, it was difficult to organise an individual trip to one of the surrounding islands, in only 1 day, we changed our plan. We decided to rent a car, 90RM for 24 hours.

Aratakara enjoyed swimming, snorkelling, picking up shells on the beach overlooking the South China Sea, which was chosen as a United Nation 08 beach. We couldn't find any tropical fish, which I wanted to show boys, but they were so pleased to play on the quiet beach.

I was familiar with the place name of Labuan. I must have learnt it during history class at high school. But I can't quite remember what it was about. Near this beach, there was a small monument "Surrender point".

The Japanese army landed in Labuan on 1st January 1942, soon after the Japanese started to occupy Kota Baru. The Japanese occupied Labuan soon after until the end of the war. Towards the end, the Australian army and the Japanese fought on this island for nearly 3 months. On 9th September 1945, the Japanese finally surrendered to the Australians unconditionally on this "Surrender point". This marked the end of the WW2 in Borneo.

Next to the surrender point, there is a nice park called "Peace Park". It's beautifully landscaped in rather Japanese way, well maintained, breezy and tranquil. There is a big memorial monument for the 12,000 lives lost during the war in Borneo. This is erected by the Japanese and apparently Japan have been fund to maintain the park.

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