Thursday 1 September 2011

6Y8M 4Y10M ケダのウオーターパーク Water park in Kedah







Jason is still off work due to Hari Raya and Merdika. We decided to go to the Carnival, a water park in Kedah.

Because of the location, the visitors are mainly Malay. They not necessarily wear swim-suits. Lots of them were in the water in T-shirt and shorts! It's very Malaysian!

Arata has started to be more independent. He's started to do something he wants by himself. He used to ask for me, all the time, and if I told him to go on his own, he often gave up doing it.

For example, I didn't feel like going down one of the big slides, because it was too steep. Aratakara decided to take turn to go with Jason. While Arata is waiting, he decided to go on his own, without me!, to the less difficult slide.

I noticed this when we were in Brunei. Arata wanted to attend one of the craft classes at the Kids club. He decided to go by himself, without Takara's company, although he had a choice to come with us to the town to have lunch.

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