Thursday 20 October 2011

6Y9M 5Y0M サンドイッチバー Sandwich bar


That Little Wine Barのオーナーが、Irrawaddi Rdに、サンドイッチバー&カフェを始めるそうです。やられた~。


We have only Subway if you want to have some sandwiches. About 2 years ago, Lynn and I ware talking about a possible business to open a sandwich bar like the ones in the UK. We were too late.

The owner of That Little Wine Bar is going to open a cafe with sandwich bar in Irrawaddi Rd behind the Northam hotel.

La France is just opposite. It's been open for a month or two by the owner who used to have a stall in Northam Beach Cafe. They serve light meal and good for lunch. Jason prefers sandwiches here than the ones at Subway.

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