Friday 21 October 2011

6Y9M 5Y0M 大雨 Daily heavy rain




It's been 'good' weather for me since I came back from Russia.

It was cloudy every day for a while, then, we had some blue sky but nearly every late afternoon, we've had heavy rains. It's not like the 'squall' we used to call in Singapore. It's much heavier and longer, I think. But is it sill squall?

Anyway, we went to Little India to buy kids' clothes for Deepavali, we got heavy rain again. We couldn't move and we just jumped into a shop or two and bought clothes. That was a total mistake. We were so wet and tired and forgot to bring down the prices. I paid 85RM for 2 sets of kids' clothes. Susi says it should be about 20RM each. Jason's shirt was also 90RM but she thinks it's only 40RM worth!

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