Sunday 18 December 2011

6Y11M 5Y2M 他の幼稚園はいやだ Takara refused to go to a local kindergarten






Takara tried Arata's homework of mathematics, year 1 level at Japanese school. Nearly perfect!(Look at the '7', it's the other way round, though.) Unbelievable. I don't spend time with my first-child Arata to teach or help studies, and for our 2nd one, I do none! But he can learn from his brother.... Amazing.

At Nania, Takara is in the middle of the middle and the oldest classes, and he seemed to be a bit bored, as Nania don't teach writing till they reach the oldest class, which is from April. He used to draw very well, but recently, Junko sensei found he is just so impatient - just draws circles and finishes. Sometimes he can't follow the simple rules every child has to do, and goes to the office to lie down on the sofa over there.

When Nania broke, I decided to send Takara to another kindergarten for a week. We chose the kindergarten because his close friends from Nania all go there for a few weeks. When he came back on the first day, he strongly complained about the place and he insisted he wouldn't go back.

Nothing can change him. He said teachers were so strict and he was often told off.

At Nania, children are not taught to sit down to study. The children are more free. So often when the Nania graduates go to primary school, they can't sit at table and concentrate. Well, that's the one. And in Malaysia, nearly all kindergartens emphasise on learning from such young age. For Takara, it must have been so stressful. He is a sensitive boy. I will have to look after him at home next week.

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