Friday 30 December 2011

7Y0M 5Y2M モンキービーチ Monkey Beach






Jason decided to take boys to Monkey Beach. You have to take a jungle trek for about an hour to get the beach, and of course, I didn't go, I wouldn't stand the heat for such a long time.

They saw a couple of monitor lizards, going up and down. Boys started to complain the distance.... It took nearly 2 hours to get there for Jason. (I'm glad I didn't go!)

The beach itself looks very nice and fun from the photos. Well, actually, you can hire a boat to go there. On their way back, Jason happily paid 60RM for only 5 minute ride to the starting point. Next time, I will get to the beach first by boat!

Takara told me, "The monkeys there were more friendly than those at Youth park."

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