Thursday 5 January 2012

7Y0M 5Y3M ランカウイ Langkawi


We didn't go anywhere while Jason was on holiday for about 10 days. I decided to take boys to Langkawi. It was our 2nd time there and we were going to stay at hotel throughout our stay...


Aratakara complained it was too hot and wanted to go back to the room. They were in swimsuit only for about 2 hours everyday.


They snorkelled only for 5 minutes.


They said, "the water is too cold" or "I don't want to be stung by jellyfish."


You can see the bathroom from the bedroom.


We had a breakfast in our balcony.


I often left boys in the room, as they wanted to watch TV!, and went for a walk.

海やプールに入らないから退屈になり、タクシー使ってあちこち行き予定外の出費。なぜこの暑い国でペンギン!?(Happy Feetを彷彿させる。)

They got bored as they didn't go to the sea or pool as we planned, then we ended up spending more money to go to different places by taxi. Why penguin in such a hot country? (It reminded me of 'happy feet'.)


Decided to go to the cable car station but because of strong cross wind, it wasn't running. Aratakara went for the elephant ride. (It was their 2nd time - 80RM only for 5 mins!)


I was glad I'd chosen the seats at the back.... they were so noisy...


Takara was told of by climbing up on the shower at the poolside. Still he didn't stop climbing up things...


We saw some monkeys in the hotel compound, but this is Takara.


The hotel was supposed to be good. But as I only carried a debit card, they treated me very badly and I was so embarrassed. I posted my complaint to the Trip Advisor!

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