Sunday 19 February 2012

7Y2M 5Y4M 初釣り First fishing






We went to off Tanjung Bungah for fishing on Mr Lee's, Aratakara's swimming instructor, boat. It was their first fishing experience.

Since I experienced fishing in Canada, I've always quite liked fishing. But compared to lure fishing, this is really fun. You keep catching fish! Aratakara also enjoyed their first experience.

Arata started to feel when a fish bit the bait. He fished, mackerel, fugu, catfish, tai.... we released catfish, but let fugu die.... I also fished, oh, can't remember the name, very common fish for steamed dish...

Because of the waives, I was worried about Aratakara might get sea sick. But in fact I got it!!

 After we got home, Jason prepared the fish, then my mum cooked 3 different dishes. Aratakara felt so proud of bringing back some food for their family!

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