Thursday 1 March 2012

7Y2M 5Y5M ロングステイヤー Long stayers





There are many Japanese who are in Malaysia on MM2H visa. In Penang, there are 3 big groups of Japanese living here, those who are sent from Japan by their husbands' company, who are married to the local, who are on MM2H.

This is the 3rd time for my parents to come here, but this time, they are busy with lots of activities that Japanese long-stayers like to do.

Especially dad. He plays golf, badminton and table tennis. I took him to a table tennis circle for the first time today. There are about 10 local Chinese people playing every morning. You don't need English to do sports, and he decided to go to buy all the gear. He wants to go there tomorrow again. I have to give him a small training on how to use taxi here....

Mum wants to come to Penang again for 3 months this summer to study English.

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