Sunday 27 May 2012

7Y5M 5Y7M 有酸素運動 Aerobic exercise





When I looked at Arata's student visa is expiring in the beginning of September, I realised, Jason has renewed his 2 year contract once, and we have been here for nearly 4 years. I feel I've done nothing much in the past years, I feel a bit depressed.

I've started to take up a semi-private swimming and tennis lesson this month. I want to learn free style and butterfly, which I've never learnt in my life, and the swimming lesson is till the end of this term, very cheap - 3GBP for half an hour per person. I always wanted to learn tennis but it's too hot here and I wasn't really serious about the idea. When Akiko asked me to join their private lesson, I just decided. Because I recently had a couple of small injuries, which I believe I could have avoided if I was more fit. (3 of us do tennis together and the instructor only charges us 6GBP in total for an hour.)

Well, after once in two tennis lessons, I still get a terrible migraine. We play not that seriously but once my pulse goes up and the brain starts to get hot, it triggers migraine. And for some reason, Immigran doesn't quite work, and I end up vomiting and being bedridden for half a day. I really enjoy tennis but I can't afford to get another attack.... I will probably try taking a tablet before playing and see if it works, otherwise, I have to give up... Any aerobic exercise cause migraine...

My brother has sent me an email from London. He is there on business and telling me he is looking for something he could do on Wednesday eve, only his break from other commitments. I've searched on the internet... there are lots of things going on. It's still a bit early for Wimbledon, but he can go to a pub to have a pint of pimms, or going to a theatre... I suddenly feel missing London...

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