Wednesday 13 June 2012

7Y5M 5Y8M バイト Part time job







I handed over the treasurer position at IWA at the end of May. I am now free to do something else! Jason has started to talk about the Residence Pass with his employer, and I've started to look for a part-time job.

A friend has asked me to join her to do translation work 2 or 3 days a week and I went to a job interview. They seem to be a nice company but the hourly rate is only 20RM (about 4 GBP)!

I'm not quite interested in translation and I rather prefer to find a job in either IT or accounting. On top of that, babysitter costs us 12RM per hour, which means I would only earn 8RM per hour! So not that worth. But I will anyway try to do it only while boys are at school and I don't need to pay to the babysitter...

Well, we really have to start our own business in Malaysia...

(The photo is at Speech and Drama class at Penangpac, that Arata has been attending since Feb.)

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