Saturday 30 June 2012

7Y6M 5Y8M ビザ申請状況 Visa application update





(Photo by Daisuke)

I learnt about Residence Pass (talent) exactly a month ago. I got a part-time job as the visa was processing, but actually we haven't even started to apply for that.

I've been planning to go back to Japan or go on holiday somewhere in August, and I thought 2 months was enough to get the visa. But it's only a month to go. Luckily I didn't book a flight this afternoon. I have to wait till the visa is approved.

We can actually apply for the visa on-line. The site reads it'll take only 20 minutes if all the information is at hand. So I decided to do it for Jason, and I have created an account using my personal information. It seems to be Jason has to create one with his own details. But anyway, I could go through what documents and information we need to use to fill in the form. Will let Jason know....

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