Saturday 25 August 2012

7Y7M 5Y10M 日本 Japan









I was so in a hurry. I didn't bring any contact numbers of my friends in Japan and only be able to see those who are on Facebook. Aratakara are....

It's too hot to go to attractions in Tokyo or zoo. We just go out after 5 o'clock to go to one of the parks nearby. There are loads of parks in short driving distance.

At Horisakicho bonodori, boys danced Tankobushi, which they learnt at Nania. But Takara started to perform his own creative dance after a short while, he boasted.Wanted to go when boys are a bit smaller.

We went to Saitama Arena for Okasantoisho family concert. Went to planetarium at JACK Omiya. There was a message from astronaut, Wakata, who is from Omiya.

Takara really enjoyed Karaoke singing. There were so many children songs Aratakara recognise. Quite amazed to see how well they can sing without reading any lyrics.

Aratakara's joint work, a card-board-made robot.

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