Tuesday 25 December 2012

7Y2M 7Y 11M クリスマスシーズン Christmas Season


セントに来たサンタと With the farther Christmas who came to SCIPS





At E and O hotel


Christmas again.

Takara has survived his first term at SCIPS. International School must be suitable for him as he really enjoys parties or events organised by them, these kind of events will never happen at Japanese school. Surprisingly, after only 3 months, Takara has really started to speak English. I really believe he had just put away English somewhere in his head and he has just taken it out again.

Arata has been year 3. He has started to show a strong interest in reading. He often reads very thick books. Although we are still told to encourage him to speak up or express his opinions at parent-teacher meeting, his maths has taken off. He got the top mark in his year, and he was quickly moved up to the top maths class.

During the school holiday, Arata went to Japanese school for a week. He was a bit nervous to go but as soon as he arrived at school, a couple of children who were designated to be his helpers, approaced him, and Arata soon blended in. With his conficent in maths, he also tried very hard to master the time table in Japanese. He passed reciting the table in front of his class teacher and the headmaster.

On the Christmas day, boys got up early as they do every year, then they were happy to see the milk and biscuits they prepared the day before for Santa and Reindears had disappeared. This year again, Santa was surely there.

For Christmas lunch, we went to E & O. Teachers from SCIPS were partying there as well!!

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