Sunday 2 December 2012

7Y11M 6M2M ペナンママさんコーラス Penang Japanese Women's Choir








Mum got terribly bored to the extent she became rather depressed. To cheer her up, I came up with an idea to form a Japanese choir as singing is one of her hobbies. Then, through Akko's network, more than 35 singers came forward.

If it is in English, IWA choir has a good reputation. But lot of Japanese women still don't have enough confident to join an English choir even though they love singing.  And hopefully we can create an environment where expatriate women and MM2H women meet and mingle. It's worked well so far.

We have lots of women with exceptionally good talent in Penang. Our team leader, Michiyo is a professional vocalist who studied at the top music university in Japan, then obtained her further training in Italy.

Our practice and activity schedule is not regular and we only decide to practise for certain events. This time, it's for Yosakoi parade in January.

We are going to sing some Japanese traditional schol songs, a couple of Malay tunes, and a Japanese pop covered in Chinese, Mirai e (Hou Lai), in both Japanese and Chinese. If you want to sing in Japanese, everybody is welcome.

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