Wednesday 14 November 2012

7Y10M 6Y1M 一本目 First tooth out




スクールバスの時間が迫ってる。「もう、学校行かなくていい!」 と、私も切れて、子供部屋に閉じ込めた。泣き叫んでいるが、アラタをせかして玄関まで行くと、神妙に出てきた。 作戦成功、これでバスに間に合う・・・。






ごめんね・・・。タカラは「いいよ」と許してくれた。人の気持ちを敏感に感じ取るタカラらしいが、私は落ち込んだ。 トゥースフェアリーが50セントを忘れなかったのはせめてもの救い。


On 5th November, Monday morning, the busiest and most hectic morning a week. My mum just decided to fly home the day before, and Jason had a business trip to KL and left early in the morning.

I had to deal with Takara, who is in extremely bad mood every morning, for the first time after so long. We were running late, the school bus would leave in any second. I shouted at Takara, who was gambling and screaming with tears over a small thing, to go to his room and I slammed the door. I then hurried Arata to get ready to go down.

Takara stopped crying and came out.  Good, it worked, I thought. But instead, he said, "Mt tooth fell out."

Wow! What a surprise! The tooth was wobbly in the previous few days, but Takara was a bit timid and didn't try to pull it out.

Well, we didn't have time, so I just left the tooth on the shelf at the entrance and off they went.

When Takara asked me for the tooth in that afternoon, I couldn't find it. Susi was there for cleaning, so I took out all the dusts from the vaccume cleaner, put the rubbish bin upside down at the common area, but simply I lost it.

I felt so sorry for him, I couldn't believe I lost Takara's first milk tooth out. But he forgave me..... He has been always like that, short-tempered, but very sensitive towards other people's feelings. I'm sorry but I'm proud of you. Well, tooth fairy knew his firs tooth was out, and of course Takara got 50 cent.

In any way, do you know how his first tooth fell out? Takara told me when he was so angry and clenched his teeth, it just happened.....

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