Thursday 10 January 2013

8Y0M 6Y3M ジモモペナン JIMOMO Penang

ペナン日本人向け、情報サイト、JIMOMO ペナンがオープンしました。






Penang Japanese Information site, JIMOMO has opened.

This information site is run by Centerwave, a web development consultancy in Japan, and they have deployed the similar site in nearly 30 cities all over the world.

They are currently developing an updated version, and they have chosen Penang as the first place to run the new version on live. We are voluntarily involved the launch, visiting the site often, spreading the word, exchanging our opinions with Tokyo side...

1000 PV per day, the target set by Tokyo, has been achieved, and now we are starting to distribute flyers and to advertise on facebook. At Yosakoi parade festival on 19th January, we are going to give away flyers.

There are lots of similar sites in London, but none has existed in Penang. I am not sure if this will work well.

Probably the Japanese society would be too small for this idea, not many people want to post comments as it will be quite easy to find out who she is.

Probably we would be very happy to have information site all in Japanese.

Unlike big cities, such as NY or Paris, we don't have many Japanese students here and the purpose of using this site will be totally different. Well, but, have to try and see..... I am quite thrilled.

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