Friday 24 May 2013

8Y4M 6Y8M タカラのリーディング Takara's reading



一番下のレベルから・・・ピンク、赤、黄、薄青、緑、オレンジ、ターコイズ 、紫、金、白、銀、ライム、胴、黒。



Takara's reading has improved a lot, too.

At SCIPS, the only homework is reading a book at home. Children are given a book each to take home to read loud. Children are not given the same books but books are chosen depending on the level.

The books have coloured stickers based on the level. From the easiest level:-
pink, red, yellow, light blue, green, orange, tercoise, purple, gold, white, siliver, lime, copper and black.

To be honest, because of my laziness, I don't usually sit and read the book together with Takara. Recently Takara started to say, "I've already read the book on the school bus" or "I read it to Arata", and I just signed the acknolwledgement...

However, Takara is doing well, actually. He is now reading the orange book, which is the level Arata was reading in the beginning of Year 3.... Well, is Arata a bit slow... or is Takara a bit fast....? Don't know....but anyway, I am lucky Takara is good.

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