Saturday 25 May 2013

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Takara has started Japanese Saturday school. They now learn Japanese and English. On Wednesday afternoons, they go to Waldorf school after care. During that time, they have Malay class, hopefully they will also learn Malay! As AS, Arata takes swimming, while Takara does football.

I am busy with Malay classes, twice a week, and NGO of helping migrant workers and refugees. I still help running Japanese Saturday School. Sometimes I go to work at Island Hospital. I want to master web development by the end of this term, but I have no time....

I haven't got a period since November last year and I went to have my blood test. It showed I'm nearly finished!! I reluctantly decided to take HRT. My mum had her menopause at 53 and I thought I still had some more time. Probably the recent stress has taken a tall...

I have also had a terrible backache. It's been 6 months, but I couldn't find time to go to my usual bonesetter. Since my pain was so bad, I went to a orthopaedic doctor. He told me I had 2 slipped discs. When I mentioned about my bonesetter, the doctor said the place is one of the best in Penang, so I really made an effort to go. I feel better now. One day before I went, I was in so bad frame, and when I was bringing patients around, some doctors offered me a couple of painkillers. I looked so bad. I had such a terrible pain.

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