Friday 2 August 2013

8Y7M 6Y10M サムイ島 Koh Samuo




Akko and Yuna came back to Penang for summer holiday and we went to Ko Samui together.

As one of my uncles died 600Km off Ko Samui towards the end of WW2, I've always wanted to visit the island. He was on Tottorimaru which was on her way from Saigon to Singapore. It was unfortunately attacked by a US submarine, Hammerhead. It was only a few months before the war ended.

I quietly pray for my uncle on behalf of my dad, my late grandma and all our family......

The best part of our stay was..... we found a superb Italian restaurant, Prego. I've never had such nice Italian dishes since I had dinner at Olivo in London. I don't even mind going back to Ko Samui to go to the restaurant again. Arata was fascinated by Vongole pasta there and he's been a big fan of the dish since.

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