Wednesday 26 March 2014

9Y2M 7Y5M 学校のコンサート SCIPS concert






This year is SCIPS's 50th anniversary. Year 2, 4 and 6 did an anniversary concert at Wawasan Uni. They made 3 groups, each group had 1 class from each school year, and performed, 60s, 80s and future.

Takara's group was doing 60s. He was a rocker, he sang and danced a Beachboys number. He practiced lots at home, and did very well on stage. Arata was a builder with a guitar. He also sang and danced.

One line at the concert struck me. It said something like, "During 6 year of SCIPS life, I found who I am and what I like." It's very difficult to get this from primary school children in Japan, but I think it should probably the basic and most important objectives of primary education.

As they worked so hard in a group consists of different age children, during break time at school, children started to play with other age groups, which is very good, the headmaster said. I totally agree.

I think international school is fun. I wish I had been a student.

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