Friday 5 September 2014

9Y8M 7Y11M 日本 Japan

Landed at HK airport after a horrible go-round 悪天候ゴーラウンドの後に香港到着





We went to Japan for 3 weeks. It wasn't that hot this time. It's probably a good idea to be there after the mid August?

There were so many entertainments for boys, and we didn't run out of plans, although everything was expensive - I had to give it a miss to Doraemon film as it costs me JPY2,800 - RM95!!

On the day we were coming back, Arata was so badly emotional, again......

For me, for the first time since 1990, I thought Japan is also an option for the next destination?

Uncle Hiro ひろおじちゃん

At Ueno zoo, boys saw giant pandas for the first time 上野動物園で初パンダ

Watched a J-league football match Jリーグ大宮対鳥栖

Arata went to Hikawa Jinja (Shurain) 氷川神社で初お参り

At Ueno National Museum of Nature and Science 国立科学博物館

Applied for Japanese passports 日本パスポート取得

Giant wheel at Odaiba お台場の観覧車

At Fuji TV フジテレビ
Yurikamome ゆりかもめ

With Grandma おばあちゃんと

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