Sunday 10 August 2014

9Y7M 7Y10M リサイクル Recycling

ペナンはごみの仕分けはしない。(英国もそれに近かったが最近はどうだろう。) ただ、お掃除をしてくれるアマさんや、コンドミニアムのお掃除する人達は、仕分けして売れるものは売っているようだ。とはいえ、お金になるから売るので、あまりリサイクルの意識はない。



In Penang, we don't recycle rubissh much. It was similar in the UK 6 years ago but it must be better now over there??  Anyway, still Amahs or cleaning persons at our condo sell alminium cans, papers, etc. from residents. The reason they do is because they can get mony and not really for the environment. But better than nothing.

Aratakara went to Almenia street to sell our cans and paper. We sold them for about RM8 and they shared the profit. They got a bit of pocket money and they know it is good for the earth.

After that, we cooled down in a cafe nearby.

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