Saturday 18 October 2014

9Y9M 8Y0M スピーチアンドドラマ Speech and drama class at Penang Pac


アラタがおとなしいので、演劇クラブに入れるといいかなと思い、数年前 Penang Pac のスピーチ&ドラマクラスに入れたのだが、セリフももらえず、撃沈。


Both Aratakara don't quite like the speech and drama class at Penang Pac. I sent Arata to the class a couple of years ago hoping he would get used to speak in front of other people. But he didn't even get a line!

Takara tried as well, but he also didn't like it. He is quite confident but it wasn't his cup of tea...

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