Sunday 11 January 2015

10Y0M 8Y3M 日本の冬、アラタ10歳 Winter in Japan, Arata turned 10

氷川神社に初詣 Went to Hikawa jinja fro new year
麻雀 Marjong
アラタ10歳 Arata's 10th Birthday

おじいちゃん、おばあちゃん With grandma and granddad

おじいちゃんが成田まで見送り Granddad saw us off at NRT

アラタ帰りたくないと泣く Arata doesn't want to go back to Malaysia




We went back to  Japan for 3weeks. Aratakara had to  have a couple of days off from school, but never mind it. I wanted to take them to skiing, and also wanted them to learn Marjong.

We played Marjong for one hour every day with my dad.

And Arata turned 10. But on the day we were leaving he cried again insisting he doesn't want to leave.... I told him he can live in Japan once he grows up!

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