Sunday 15 February 2015

10Y1M 8Y4M 二分の一成人式+水泳 The half Seijinshiki + Swimming at PJS





At year 5 at PJS, we had the half Seijinshiki ceremony. The Seijinshiki is a celebration to be adult at the age of 20. And 10 years old is half the way and more schools have the ceremony.

Mothers had prepared a surprised letter to our kids. And kids also gave us a letter. Lots of mothers and kids were so moved and cried. I gave Arata a letter I typed. I wrote too much and he didn't bother to read... Never mind.

While writing a letter a day before, I became emotional, too.

And I went to see Swimming gala at PJS. It's not competitive. Children try to beat their own records. Of course if their records break the school records, they are praised. However, I want Arata to be in a bit more competitive environment in terms for swimming....

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