Wednesday 1 July 2015

10Y6M 8Y9M タカラがお兄ちゃん? Is Takara older than Arata?

Takara can carry Arata on his sholders 弟が兄を肩車


Like twins 双子に見えるか

Arata is still taller than Takara but Takara's weight overtook Arata's about a year ago, and at the moment, Takara is a few kilos heavier than Takara. When Takara's weight overtook Arata's for the first time, Arata was really upset, complaining that the scale was broken. But soon he realised life is like that and he can accept things like that now.

I am often asked if Aratakara are twins. When I said no, people usually think Takara is the elder brother. Well, he is more bossy!

Takara likes to sleep in the same bed as Arata, which Arata doesn't particularly like 

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