Monday 18 April 2016

11Y4M 9Y6M 水泳強化期間 Intensive swimming training





Takara hadn't been good as Arata in swimming for a long time. But he had to swim the butterfly and the back strokes as well as individual medley for FOBISIA.

We really wanted to have Midori sensei to help him again. But anyway, I've decided to devote boys' spring holidays to swimming trainings and asked around whoever available to coach Aratakara.

Luckily we got to  know Sobachan sensei, who was in Penang only for 10 days with her kids attending an English camp. She was an ex-high school representative in swimming for Gumma prefecture. I begged her to come to train boys and she happily did it twice during her stay. I also asked Hanae-san, who was an AT client and an ex-serious swimmer for his school, to train them.

Probably these small efforts bore fruit. The results from Thailand FOBISIA were better than we thought. Of course, Takara only participated the strokes which are not so competitive, but this experience changed Takara's perspective on swimming. He is more confident now and has said he wants to practice more.

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